Shares: Your Business’ Oxygen

Our world revolves around social media, which can be perceived as, both, a positive or negative thing depending who you ask.

While businesses often use social media to market their products and ideas, it’s harder to measure the metrics than you’d think.

From an outside perspective, you’d assume more Likes, Comments and Shares signify higher reach and sales and while this is true in terms of shares, Likes and Comments are somewhat insignificant.

Businesses also often have trouble deciphering what to measure because every business measures something different. This causes the metrics to become less valuable.

Additionally, there is very limited data surrounding social media metrics.

This all being said, businesses should focus on interaction, such as Shares, rather than metrics altogether.

Shares are your business’ oxygen, they allow your business to thrive and are necessary for your business to survive.

Shares don’t necessarily translate to sales conversion, but they grab customers’ attention and cause people to continually talk about your product.

When something is repeatedly shared, it goes viral, causing people all over the country to learn who you are, as well as what your product does.

Businesses invest a lot into their social media. Between their social media team’s salary and the platform fees alone, social media isn’t something to be taken lightly.

While social media metrics may be hard to measure though, businesses rely on social media, specifically Shares, to survive.  

If your content is continually being shared, you’ve done your job and are bound to see real-life results in no time.

If your content is not receiving the attention you expected, you need to take a step back and think about the WIST test.

The WIST test, or would I share this test, helps you decipher what will likely get Shares, which is your business’ goal.

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