4 Growth Hacks Using Social Influence

By Lauren Ikenn in Marketing, Social Media, Influencer Posted 1/10/17 9:20 AM

It’s no secret we live in a time full of evolution. From evolving technology to rapid climate change, the world we’ve come to know is transforming and this constant change stays true when accurately defining an influencer.

While anyone can influence others to act, influencers are individuals who significantly impact their followers’ purchase decisions.

In terms of influencer marketing though, there are many different definitions, as it’s ever-changing. While we, at Smync, were originally anti-influencer, we’ve spent the last year and a half observing the market and as the landscape continually grew, we began to embrace the broad scope of what being an influencer really means. We’ve also come to realize the importance of knowing the differences among influencer categories.

The most effective types of influencers are advocates and micro-influencers. Micro-influencers are true fans; these are the people who have a personal connection to the brand resulting in the highest engaged reach.  

One of the most successful types of micro-influencers are employees. Employees’ recommendations influence others at much higher ratios, as they are the most passionate about their brand. They truly believe in what they are advocating, which triggers a purchase of up to 50 times more than a paid ad.

While bloggers and thought leaders may not have as high of an engaged reach though, they have a larger general audience, which allows brands to get their name and product out to the public, increasing sales and revenue.

Each type of influencer has different motivations and methods but the basics still remain the same. Influencers involve the exchange of trust for customers’ attention and purchases and while influencer marketing is relatively new, it’s here to stay. That being said, it’s important for companies to grow with the influencers, rather than get left behind, which can be accomplished using these four growth hacks:

  1. Utilize a proven advocate platform to create a community of existing customers.

  2. Activate social advocacy with employees speaking on behalf of your brand.

  3. Identify the most influential personalities in your space using influencer data.

  4. Connect with prominent bloggers in your field through influencer data.

Will you do what it takes to evolve?

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