3 Marketing Lessons Donald Trump’s Presidential Win Taught Us

This past election taught us many things, but one of the most important lessons learned was the importance of good marketing.

Whether you love or hate Donald Trump, you cannot deny that his marketing and public relations tactics played an incredibly large part in his unforeseen victory.

Since announcing his candidacy in July 2015, Trump has come a long way. At first, his announcement was seen as a publicity stunt but somehow, in less than a year and a half, he went from political joke to President-elect.  

While politicians and United States citizens can list off many reasons as to how and why this political underdog won the election, his marketing tactics were what made all the difference.

While Donald Trump becoming the President-elect may or may not have been the outcome you’d hoped for, there are many marketing lessons we can take away from this unusual ascension.

Boldness Pays Off

While people disagree on a lot of Donald Trump’s strategies, one thing everyone can agree on is that he is bold. He does and says what he wants, which can be interpreted as good or bad depending on who you ask, but his simplicity and boldness are what landed him the victory. While all of his facts may not have been accurate, the comments he made stuck in voters’ heads, ultimately making it hard for him to be forgotten.

Everyone Craves Change

Whether you’re a democrat or a republican, you probably crave some form of change. Everyone believes there’s room for improvement and Donald Trump continually preached this. While many of his tactics and ideas received backlash, they helped him stand out, which is all every presidential candidate hopes for.  As our friend, Dave Lahkani says, “It is better to be loved or hated than to be tolerated.”  

Authenticity Is Key

Hillary Clinton was known for saying what the people wanted to hear. While hypothetically this should’ve helped her win the presidency, it did the opposite. Donald Trump said what he believed, no matter how provocative. It’s no secret that over the course of Trump’s campaign he offended many, but it was through those bold and opinionated remarks that he also built a motivated following. People crave honesty and one thing Trump continually proved was his authenticity and honesty.

This presidential election was unlike anything we’d ever seen and the results were truly shocking.  No one has ever gone directly from business success to the White House without some service in politics.  As marketers, we can learn much from Trump’s team’s tactics and success.  By implementing these 3 marketing lessons we can enjoy more success in our marketing.

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